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Outback Kids Menu & Prices [Updated 2024]

Outback Kids Menu -The Outback Steakhouse offers a delightful kid’s menu that caters to the taste buds of young ones. With a variety of options, the Outback Kids menu ensures that children have a memorable dining experience.

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Outback Kids Menu


Outback Kids Menu

One of the popular choices on the kid’s menu is the Chicken Fingers. Priced at $8.49, these crispy and tender chicken strips are a hit among kids. Served with a side of Aussie fries, it’s a satisfying meal that brings a smile to little faces.

For cheese lovers, the Grilled Cheese-A-Roo is a delightful choice. Priced at $7.49, this classic grilled cheese sandwich is made with melted American cheese on tasty bread. It’s a simple yet comforting option that kids adore.

Another enticing choice is the Boomerang Cheeseburger, priced at $8.49. This juicy and flavorful cheeseburger is topped with melted American cheese, and it comes with Aussie fries on the side. It’s a delicious treat for young burger enthusiasts.

For those looking for a healthier option, the Grilled Chicken On The Barbie (5 oz) is a fantastic choice at $8.49. This grilled chicken breast is seasoned to perfection and served with a side of fresh fruit. It’s a nutritious and tasty meal that parents can feel good about.

The Outback kids menu also includes the Mac ‘A’ Roo ‘N Cheese, a creamy macaroni and cheese dish priced at $7.49. With its cheesy goodness, it’s sure to please young mac and cheese aficionados.

To complete the meal, the kid’s menu offers delectable desserts like the Spotted Dog Sundae priced at $3.49. This delightful treat features vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.

Outback Kids Menu

Item Price
Chicken Fingers $8.49
Grilled Cheese-A-Roo $7.49
Boomerang Cheeseburger $8.49
Grilled Chicken On The Barbie $8.49 (5 oz)
Mac ‘A’ Roo ‘N Cheese $7.49
Joey Sirloin $9.99 (5 oz)
Kids Aussie Fries $3.99
Spotted Dog Sundae $3.49
Kids Fruit $1.99

Outback Steakhouse Sides Menu

Item Price
Plain Freshly Steamed Broccoli $3.99
Fresh Fruit $1.99
Aussie Fries $3.99

Outback Steakhouse Dessert Menu

Item Price
Spotted Dog Sundae $2.29
Ice Cream Scoop $0.99

Outback Steakhouse Drink Menu

Item Price
2% Milk $3.19
100% Apple Juice $3.19
100% Orange Juice $3.19
Cranberry Juice $3.19
Pineapple Juice $3.19
Soft Drink $3.19

Outback Steakhouse Nutritional Information of Kids Menu

While Outback Steakhouse offers a delicious kids’ menu, it’s important to consider the nutritional information. The Chicken Fingers contain approximately 420 calories, the Grilled Cheese-A-Roo has about 560 calories, and the Boomerang Cheeseburger has around 560 calories. The Grilled Chicken On The Barbie (5 oz) has approximately 230 calories, while the Mac ‘A’ Roo ‘N Cheese contains around 380 calories. Kids Aussie Fries add about 260 calories, and the Spotted Dog Sundae has approximately 360 calories. It’s worth noting that these values can vary, and it’s always advisable to check with the restaurant for the most accurate and up-to-date nutritional information.

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Does outback steakhouse have a kid’s menu?

Yes, Outback Steakhouse offers a dedicated kids’ menu with a variety of options such as chicken fingers, grilled cheese, burgers, mac and cheese, and more, designed specifically for younger diners to enjoy.

Outback Steakhouse Halloween Kids Eat FREE

During the Halloween season, Outback Steakhouse offers a special promotion called “Kids Eat Free.” This promotion allows children to enjoy a complimentary meal from the kids’ menu with the purchase of an adult entrée. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to celebrate Halloween while enjoying a delicious meal at Outback Steakhouse. The Kids Eat Free offer typically includes popular items from the kid’s menu such as chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and grilled cheese sandwiches. This promotion not only provides a fun dining experience for kids but also allows parents to enjoy a quality meal at great value. It’s a wonderful way for families to come together, indulge in tasty food, and create lasting memories during the festive Halloween season.

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With a range of flavorful options, the Outback Kids menu provides a delightful dining experience for children. From chicken fingers to cheeseburgers and mac and cheese, there’s something for every little foodie to enjoy at Outback Steakhouse.


Q: What options are available on the Outback Kids Menu?

A: The Outback Kids Menu offers a variety of options such as chicken fingers, grilled cheese, burgers, mac and cheese, and grilled chicken.

Q: Are there healthier choices on the kids menu?

A: Yes, there are healthier choices available, including grilled chicken and fresh fruit.

Q: Are the prices on the kids menu reasonable?

A: Yes, the prices on the kids menu are designed to be affordable and offer a good value for the quality of food provided.

Q: Can kids customize their meals?

A: While some customization options may be available, the kids menu items are generally served as described on the menu to ensure consistency and efficiency in the kitchen.

Q: Are there dessert options on the kids menu?

A: Yes, there are dessert options available, such as the Spotted Dog Sundae, to satisfy kids’ sweet cravings.

Q: Does Outback Steakhouse offer any special promotions for the kids menu?

A: Outback occasionally offers promotions like “Kids Eat Free” during specific times or events, so it’s worth checking for any ongoing offers.

Q: Are the portions on the kids menu suitable for all ages?

A: The portion sizes on the kids menu are generally suitable for younger children. For older or more voracious appetites, they may opt for items from the regular menu.

Q: Can kids with dietary restrictions find suitable options on the kids menu?

A: Outback Steakhouse strives to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. It’s recommended to inform the server about any specific dietary needs so they can provide appropriate options.

Q: Is the Outback Kids Menu available for takeout or delivery?

A: Yes, the Outback Kids Menu is typically available for takeout or delivery, allowing families to enjoy their favorite items at home.

Q: Can adults order from the kids menu?

A: The kids menu is primarily designed for children, but adults may also order from it if they prefer smaller portion sizes or specific items on the kids menu.

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