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Bonchon Menu Prices [Updated 2024]

Bonchon Menu-Bonchon is a popular Korean fried chicken chain with locations around the world. Their signature crispy chicken is double-fried and coated in a variety of sauces, including spicy, soy garlic, and honey citrus. Along with the chicken, they also serve a selection of Korean dishes such as bulgogi and bibimbap. The casual, modern atmosphere and friendly service make it a great spot for a casual meal with friends or family. Bonchon has garnered a loyal following for its delicious, flavorful chicken and authentic Korean cuisine.

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Bonchon Menu

The Bonchon menu stands out for its delicious Korean-style fried chicken, which is double-fried for extra crispiness and then coated in a range of unique sauces. The sauces are a major draw, with options like spicy, soy garlic, and honey citrus that offer a tantalizing blend of flavours. Along with the chicken, Bonchon also serves a range of other Korean dishes, such as bulgogi and bibimbap, that are just as flavorful and satisfying. Overall, the menu at Bonchon is special because it offers a unique and authentic taste of Korean cuisine that’s sure to delight diners looking for something different.

Bonchon Menu

Bonchon Menu Prices

Bonchon menu prices vary depending on the location but are generally considered to be in the mid-range category. While it’s not the cheapest option for casual dining, the prices are reasonable given the quality of the food and the dining experience. Customers can expect to pay around $10-15 for an entree, and prices may be slightly higher in more upscale or tourist-heavy areas.

Bonchon Lunch Menu

Bonchon Menu

Fried Chicken

Item Price
8 Wings $9.95
8 Boneless Wings
4 Drumsticks $1.00
Bonchon Wrap $1.00
House-Fried Rice $1.00
Plain, Chicken, Bulgogi
Kimchi and Bacon
Fried Chicken Combo $10.95
4 Wings and 3 Drumsticks
(with a choice of sweet, spicy or Half and Half)
Sliders (2 pcs) $1.00
(Crispy Chicken, Spicy or Soy Garlic, Bulgogi)
Boncho Tacos (2 pcs.)
Fried Chicken Combo (4 Wings and 3 Drumsticks) $11.95
Plain, Tofu, Spicy Chicken, Soy Garlic Chicken
Bulgogi or seafood

Choose One Side

Item Price
Mountain Soda (Dine-in) $1.00
Water Bottle/Can $1.50


Bonchon Dinner Menu

Bonchon Menu

Signature Fried Chicken





Item Price
Small Wings (10 pcs.) $14.95
Medium Wings (20 pcs.) $26.95
Large Wings (30 pcs.) $N/A


Item Price
Small Drumsticks (5 pcs.) $14.95
Medium Drumsticks (10 pcs.) $26.95
Large Drumsticks (15 pcs.) $N/A

Boneless Wings

Item Price
Small Boneless Wings (12 pcs.) $14.95
Medium Boneless Wings (24 pcs.) $26.95
Large Boneless Wings (36 pcs.) $37.95


Item Price
Small Combo (6 wings + 3 drumsticks) $14.95
Medium Combo (10 wings + 5 drumsticks) $26.95
Large Combo (15 wings + 8 drumsticks) $37.95



Item Price
Tofu $14.95
Spicy Chicken $15.95
Soy Garlic Chicken $15.95
Bulgogi $16.95
Seafood $16.95

House Fried Rice

Item Price
Plain $11.95
Chicken $12.95
Bulgogi $13.95
Seafood $13.95
Kimchi Bacon $13.95
Japchae $15.95



Item Price
Original $18.95
Spicy $18.95
Cheese $19.95

Buns, Wraps & Tacos

Korean Tacos

Item Price
Spicy Chicken $13.95
Bulgogi $14.95


Pork Buns



Item Price
Pork Buns $13.95

Asian Fusion



bonchon menu

Item Price
Teokbokki $14.95
Salmon Avocado Ball $14.95
Chicken Katsu $13.95
Potstickers $11.95
Bull Dak $16.95
Popcorn Shrimp $12.95
Takoyaki $7.95
Shrimp Shumai $7.95
Udon Noodle Soup Plain $11.95
Fried Egg $12.95
Bulgogi $14.95
Seafood $14.95


Item Price
Sesame Ginger Salad
Plain $9.95
Tofu $9.95
Crispy Chicken $11.95
Salmon $12.95
Caesar Salad
Plain $9.95
Crispy $11.95

In conclusion, the Bonchon menu offers a unique and flavorful taste of Korean cuisine that has earned the restaurant a loyal following around the world. From double-fried and saucy chicken to authentic Korean dishes like bulgogi and bibimbap, there’s something for everyone on the menu. While prices may be slightly higher than other casual dining options, the quality of the food and the overall dining experience make it well worth it. Whether you’re a fan of Korean cuisine or just looking to try something new, Bonchon is definitely worth checking out.


Q: What are the popular items on the Bonchon menu?

A: Bonchon is well known for its Korean-style fried chicken, which comes in a variety of flavours such as soy garlic and spicy. Other popular items on the menu include bulgogi, potstickers, and takoyaki.

Q: Does Bonchon have vegetarian options?

A: Yes, Bonchon offers a few vegetarian options such as the sesame ginger salad with tofu, as well as a few vegetable side dishes.

Q: Are there any gluten-free options on the Bonchon menu?

A: While Bonchon does not have a specific gluten-free menu, some of their dishes, such as the sesame ginger salad and the seafood stir-fry, do not contain gluten. However, customers should always inform their server about any dietary restrictions or allergies before ordering.

Q: Does Bonchon offer delivery or takeout options?

A: Yes, Bonchon offers both delivery and takeout options. Customers can order online or by phone for either pickup or delivery.

Q: What are the prices like at Bonchon?

A: The prices at Bonchon vary depending on the location and the specific dish. However, in general, the prices are reasonable and similar to other casual dining restaurants.

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