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Wawa Menu Prices [Updated Price List]

Wawa Menu -Wawa is a popular chain of convenience stores and gas stations that also features a fast-casual restaurant concept. Known for their hoagies, sandwiches, and salads made to order, Wawa also offers breakfast sandwiches, soups, and snacks. Customers can order at a touchscreen kiosk or through a mobile app and pick up their food from a designated counter. Wawa also offers a variety of hot and cold beverages, including their famous coffee, and a wide selection of snacks and desserts. With locations throughout the East Coast of the United States, Wawa has become a beloved stop for commuters and travellers alike.

wawa menu

Wawa Menu Prices

Wawa’s menu is unique in that it offers a wide variety of fresh and customizable options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their signature hoagies are made with fresh-baked bread and a variety of meats, cheeses, and toppings. Additionally, their salads are made with fresh greens and a variety of toppings, dressings, and protein options. Wawa also offers a variety of hot and cold breakfast sandwiches, soups, and sides. Their beverage selection includes freshly brewed coffee, smoothies, and iced drinks. With a focus on fresh ingredients and customizable options, Wawa’s menu has become a favourite for those seeking a quick and delicious meal on the go.

Wawa’s menu prices are generally affordable and competitive with other fast-casual restaurant chains. Prices vary depending on the menu item, with hoagies and salads generally priced between $5 and $8. Breakfast sandwiches and sides range from $2 to $5, while hot and cold beverages are priced between $1 and $5. Overall, Wawa offers a range of options to fit different budgets.

wawa menu


Sizzlis $2.69
Breakfast Burritos $2.99
Breakfast Bowls $3.19
Hoagie Shorti $4.39
Hoagie Classic $5.59
Bagel $0.95
Bagel with Cream Cheese, Cucumber & Tomato $2.19
Bagel with Cream $1.59
Bagel with Butter $1.89
Oatmeal $1.99
Oatmeal $2.49
Oatmeal $2.99

Wawa Soups Menu



Chicken Noodle $2.49 Small
Chicken Noodle $3.49 Medium
Chicken Noodle $4.09 Large
Chicken Noodle $7.29 Family
Chicken Tortilla $2.49 Small
Chicken Tortilla $3.49 Medium
Chicken Tortilla $4.09 Large
Chicken Tortilla $7.29 Family
Baked Potato, Cheddar & Bacon $2.49 Small
Baked Potato, Cheddar & Bacon $3.49 Medium
Baked Potato, Cheddar & Bacon $4.09 Large
Baked Potato, Cheddar & Bacon $7.29 Family
Seafood Chowder $2.49 Small
Seafood Chowder $3.49 Medium
Seafood Chowder $4.09 Large
Seafood Chowder $7.29 Family
Chicken Corn Chowder $2.49 Small
Chicken Corn Chowder $3.49 Medium
Chicken Corn Chowder $4.09 Large
Chicken Corn Chowder $7.29 Family
Italian Wedding $2.49 Small
Italian Wedding $3.49 Medium
Italian Wedding $4.09 Large
Italian Wedding $7.29 Family
New England Clam Chowder $2.49 Small
New England Clam Chowder $3.49 Medium
New England Clam Chowder $4.09 Large
New England Clam Chowder $7.29 Family
Lobster Bisque $2.49 Small
Lobster Bisque $3.49 Medium
Lobster Bisque $4.09 Large
Lobster Bisque $7.29 Family
French Onion $2.49 Small
French Onion $3.49 Medium
French Onion $4.09 Large
French Onion $7.29 Family
Broccoli Cheddar $2.49 Small
Broccoli Cheddar $3.49 Medium
Broccoli Cheddar $4.09 Large
Broccoli Cheddar $7.29 Family
Wawa Sides Menu

Wawa Menu

Mac & Beef $2.49 Small
Mac & Beef $3.49 Medium
Mac & Beef $4.09 Large
Mac & Beef $7.29 Family
Mac & Cheese $2.49 Small
Mac & Cheese $3.49 Medium
Mac & Cheese $4.09 Large
Mac & Cheese $7.29 Family
Mashed Potatoes $2.49 Small
Mashed Potatoes $3.49 Medium
Mashed Potatoes $4.09 Large
Mashed Potatoes $7.29 Family
Meatballs $2.49 Small
Meatballs $3.49 Medium
Meatballs $4.09 Large
Meatballs $7.29 Family
Chili $2.49 Small
Chili $3.49 Medium
Chili $4.09 Large
Chili $7.29 Family
Chicken & Dumplings $2.49 Small
Chicken & Dumplings $3.49 Medium
Chicken & Dumplings $4.09 Large
Chicken & Dumplings $7.29 Family

Wawa Hot-To-Go Bowls

Beef $5.49
BBQ Beef $5.49
BBQ Chicken $5.49
Buffalo Chicken $5.49
Chicken $5.49
Chicken Strips $5.49
Chili $5.49
Horseradish Beef $5.49
Hot Turkey $5.49
Meatballs $5.49

Wawa Hoagies & Sandwiches Menu


Hoagie Shortie $4.39
Hoagie Shortie $5.59
Sandwich Shortie $4.99
Sandwich Shortie $6.29
Club Sandwich $4.99
Sandwich $4.39
Double Meat Shorti $5.99
Double Meat Classic $7.99
Double Meat Sandwich $5.99

Wawa Quesadillas



Chicken or Beef Quesadilla $4.49
Cheese Quesadilla $3.99

Wawa Fresh Baked Rolls

Plain Shorti Roll $0.70
Plain Shorti Roll with Cream Cheese or Butter $1.35
Plain Classic Roll $0.80

Wawa Pizza

Deep Dish Focaccia Pizza $6.29


Chicken Strips

Chicken Strips $3.19 3 Pc.
Chicken Strips $4.89 5 Pc.

Ready-To-Go Salads & Wraps

Salad $4.99
Wrap $4.29


Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.99
Stuffed Pretzels $1.69
Bagel Melt $3.99

Wawa Beverage Menu


Smoothie $2.99
Premium Smoothie $3.99
Smoothie $3.99
Premium Smoothie $4.99
Frozen Cappuccino $2.99
Premium Frozen Cappuccino $3.99
Frozen Cappuccino $3.99
Premium Frozen Cappuccino $4.99
Iced Latte $2.99
Iced Latte $3.19
Hot Latte or Hot Chocolate $2.69
Hot Latte or Hot Chocolate $2.99
Milkshake $2.99
Milkshake $3.99
Flurricane $3.19
Flurricane $4.09
Coffee $1.29
Coffee $1.45
Coffee $1.55
Coffee $1.65

Overall, Wawa’s menu stands out for its fresh ingredients and customizable options at an affordable price point. Whether you’re in the mood for a hot breakfast sandwich, a fresh salad, or a signature hoagie, Wawa offers something for everyone. Their touchscreen kiosks and mobile app make it easy to order and pick up your food quickly, making it a convenient option for busy individuals. With locations throughout the East Coast of the United States, Wawa has become a beloved stop for commuters, travellers, and locals alike, providing a delicious and satisfying meal on the go.

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