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Cracker Barrel Dinner Menu & Prices [Updated 2024]

Cracker Barrel Dinner Menu-Cracker Barrel is a popular restaurant chain known for its homestyle comfort food and rustic ambience. Their dinner menu offers a wide variety of delicious options that are sure to satisfy any appetite.

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Cracker Barrel Dinner Menu

Cracker Barrel Dinner Menu

Cracker Barrel Dinner Menu with Prices

Item Price
Loaded Hashbrown Casserole $4.54
Fried Apples $3.89
Buttermilk Biscuits (4) $3.89
Biscuit Beignets $6.49
Buttermilk Biscuits (6) $5.19
Hashbrown Casserole Tots $4.54
Loaded Hashbrown Casserole Tots $8.44
White Cheddar Cheese Bites $6.75
Fresh Fruit $4.93
Country Fried Pickles $7.79
Buttermilk Biscuits (12) $7.79
Barrel Bite Trio $11.69

These menu items offer a variety of appetizers and sides to complement your meal at Cracker Barrel. From the popular Loaded Hashbrown Casserole to the delightful Biscuit Beignets, there’s something to please every taste. Whether you’re in the mood for savoury or sweet, the menu offers options like Fried Apples, Country Fried Pickles, and Fresh Fruit. The Buttermilk Biscuits come in different quantities, allowing you to enjoy them individually or share them with your table. For those seeking a combination of flavours, the Barrel Bite Trio is a perfect choice. The prices listed reflect the value you can expect when dining at Cracker Barrel, ensuring that you can indulge in delicious dishes without breaking the bank.

Cracker Barrel Dinner Menu

Sides Menu With Prices

One of the highlights of the Cracker Barrel dinner menu is their signature “Country Dinner Plates.” These plates feature traditional Southern favourites like chicken fried steak, meatloaf, fried chicken, and roast beef. Each plate is served with a choice of three sides, such as mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, or coleslaw. The hearty portions and flavorful dishes make it a perfect choice for those craving a homecooked meal.

For seafood lovers, Cracker Barrel offers several tasty options. From grilled salmon to country-fried shrimp, their seafood dishes are made with quality ingredients and prepared to perfection. The seafood is often paired with sides like cornbread muffins, rice pilaf, or fresh vegetables.

Cracker Barrel Dinner Menu with Calories

Item Calories Price ($)
Country Fried Steak 850 12.99
Grilled Chicken Tenderloins 600 11.99
Homestyle Chicken 750 10.99
Lemon Pepper Grilled Rainbow Trout 450 13.99
Meatloaf 600 9.99
Fried Chicken Livers 700 8.99
Chicken and Dumplings 550 11.99
Grilled Pork Chops 800 14.99
Roast Beef 650 12.99
Chicken Pot Pie 700 10.99


If you’re in the mood for something lighter, Cracker Barrel also offers a variety of salads and soups. Their salads are made with fresh ingredients and can be topped with grilled chicken or fried chicken tenders. The homemade soups, such as vegetable beef or chicken and dumplings, are comforting and satisfying.

To round off your meal, Cracker Barrel has an array of tempting desserts. From their famous homemade apple pie to the classic chocolate cake, their desserts are made from scratch and are the perfect sweet ending to your dining experience.

Whether you’re looking for classic Southern dishes, seafood specialities, or lighter options, Cracker Barrel’s dinner menu has something for everyone. The combination of delicious food, friendly service, and charming atmosphere makes it a favourite choice for families and individuals seeking a taste of traditional American cuisine.


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