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Taco Time Menu Prices [Updated & Latest Prices]

Taco Time Menu-Taco Time is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in Mexican-style cuisine. Founded in 1960, the chain has locations throughout the western United States and Canada. The menu features a variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and other Tex-Mex-inspired dishes, with options for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Taco Time also offers a range of sides and desserts, including hand-cut fries, churros, and cinnamon crust. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh ingredients and offering customizable options to meet customers’ dietary needs. With a casual and friendly atmosphere, Taco Time is a popular spot for quick and satisfying meals on the go.


Taco Times Menu Prices

Taco Time’s menu stands out for its fresh and flavorful Mexican-inspired cuisine. The chain prides itself on using high-quality ingredients, including all-natural beef, real cheddar cheese, and freshly prepared salsa. In addition to traditional favourites like tacos, burritos, and nachos, Taco Time also offers unique items like the Crisp Meat Burrito and Mexi-Fries, which are crispy tater tots seasoned with a zesty blend of spices. The restaurant also caters to customers with specific dietary needs, offering vegetarian and gluten-free options. With a commitment to quality and taste, Taco Time’s menu has something for everyone.

Taco Time offers a breakfast menu with a variety of Tex-Mex-inspired options to start the day off right. The menu features breakfast burritos, tacos, and platters that come with a choice of protein, including bacon, sausage, and chorizo. Vegetarian options are also available, with the breakfast veggie burrito being a popular choice. Customers can also choose to add extras like eggs, cheese, and salsa to their order. For those on the go, Taco Time offers a breakfast combo that includes a breakfast burrito, hash browns, and a drink. With fresh ingredients and bold flavours, Taco Time’s breakfast menu is a tasty way to kickstart the day.



Combo Meals – Breakfast

Crisp Meat Burrito $2.49
Crisp Meat Burrito – Combo $5.99
Crisp Pinto Bean Burrito $1.79
Crisp Pinto Bean Burrito – Combo $5.29
Crisp Chicken Burrito $3.49
Crisp Chicken Burrito – Combo $6.99
Crisp Juan Burrito $1.99
Crisp Juan Burrito – Combo $5.49
Crisp Beef Taco $1.59
Crisp Beef Taco – Combo $5.09
Soft Beef Taco $2.69
Soft Beef Taco – Combo $6.19
Soft Chicken Taco $3.79
Soft Chicken Taco – Combo $7.29
Soft Pork Carnitas Taco $3.79
Soft Pork Carnitas Taco – Combo $7.29
Chicken Ranchero Burrito $5.29
Chicken Ranchero Burrito – Combo $8.79
Super Soft Beef Taco $3.29
Super Soft Beef Taco – Combo $6.79
Super Soft Chicken Taco $4.39
Super Soft Chicken Taco – Combo $7.89
Super Soft Pork Carnitas Taco $4.39
Super Soft Pork Carnitas Taco – Combo $7.89
Big Juan Beef Burrito $3.79
Big Juan Beef Burrito – Combo $7.29
Big Juan Chicken Burrito $4.89
Big Juan Chicken Burrito – Combo $8.39
Big Juan Pork Carnitas Burrito $4.89
Big Juan Pork Carnitas Burrito – Combo $8.39


Taco Time Menu – Burritos
Soft Pinto Bean Burrito $1.89
Soft Pinto Bean Burrito – Combo $5.39
Soft Beef Burrito $2.49
Soft Beef Burrito – Combo $5.99
Veggie Burrito $3.49
Veggie Burrito – Combo $6.99
Chicken BLT Burrito $4.99
Chicken BLT Burrito – Combo $8.49
5 Alarm Burrito $1.99
5 Alarm Burrito – Combo $5.49
Chicken & Black Bean Burrito $4.79
Chicken & Black Bean Burrito – Combo $8.29
Sweet Pork Burrito $3.69
Sweet Pork Burrito – Combo $7.19
Casita Burrito $3.99
Casita Burrito – Combo $7.49


Cheese Quesadilla $2.29
Cheese Quesadilla – Combo $5.79
Chicken Quesadilla $4.39
Chicken Quesadilla – Combo $7.89
Bacon Quesadilla $2.99
Bacon Quesadilla – Combo $6.49
Pork Carnitas Quesadilla $4.39
Pork Carnitas Quesadilla – Combo $7.89



Original Nacho Grande $6.69
Beef Nacho Grande $7.19
Chicken Nacho Grande $7.69
Pork Carnitas Nacho Grande $7.69



Taco Beef Salad $3.69
Taco Chicken Salad $6.69
Fiesta Chicken Salad $4.69

Kid’s Meal

Chicken Nuggets $3.89
Corn Dog Bites $3.89
Jr. Soft Taco $3.89
Mini Quesadilla $3.89
Add a Toy $0.55

Platter Meals

Beef Platter Meal $6.99
Chicken Platter Meal $7.99
Pork Carnitas Platter Meal $7.99


Mexi-Fries Small $1.59
Mexi-Fries Regular $2.19
Mexi-Fries Large $2.69
Stuffed Mexi-Fries Small $2.49
Stuffed Mexi-Fries Regular $3.29
Stuffed Mexi-Fries Large $3.99
Signature Hot Sauce Bottle $2.99


Empanada $1.59
Cinnamon Crustos $1.29


Soft Drink Small $1.59
Soft Drink Regular $1.79
Soft Drink Large $1.99
Limeade Small $1.69

In conclusion, Taco Time’s menu offers a wide range of fresh and flavorful Mexican-inspired dishes that cater to various tastes and dietary needs. With a commitment to using high-quality ingredients, the chain has become a popular destination for fast, satisfying meals that don’t compromise on taste or quality. From traditional favourites like tacos and burritos to unique items like the Crisp Meat Burrito and Mexi-Fries, Taco Time’s menu is sure to please. Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Taco Time has something delicious to offer.

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