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Krispy Kreme Menu Prices [Updated 2024]

Krispy Kreme Menu-Krispy Kreme is a popular American chain of doughnut shops that offers a wide range of sweet treats including doughnuts, coffee, and milkshakes. The company was founded in 1937 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and has since expanded to over 1,000 locations across the world. The Krispy Kreme restaurant offers a cosy and comfortable atmosphere where customers can enjoy freshly baked doughnuts and coffee while sitting in a relaxed setting. Apart from its signature glazed doughnuts, the restaurant also offers a variety of other flavours such as chocolate, apple cinnamon, and blueberry. Overall, Krispy Kreme is a great place to indulge in sweet treats and enjoy a fun dining experience.

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Krispy Kreme Menu

Krispy Kreme’s menu is special because it features a wide variety of sweet treats that cater to different tastes and preferences. The signature glazed doughnuts are a fan favourite, and the menu also includes a range of other flavours like chocolate, apple cinnamon, and blueberry. In addition to the doughnuts, Krispy Kreme offers other baked goods such as cinnamon rolls and muffins. The restaurant’s coffee is also a standout item on the menu, with options like iced coffee, lattes, and hot chocolate. Krispy Kreme also offers seasonal and limited-time flavours, which keeps the menu fresh and exciting. Overall, the Krispy Kreme menu is special because it offers a diverse range of sweet treats and quality beverages that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Krispy Kreme Menu Prices

Krispy Kreme’s menu prices are generally affordable and competitive within the fast-food industry. The prices of the signature glazed doughnuts typically range from $1.09 to $1.29 per doughnut, depending on the location. The other flavoured doughnuts are slightly more expensive, ranging from $1.39 to $1.59 each. The restaurant’s coffee is reasonably priced, with a regular-size coffee costing around $1.59. Krispy Kreme also offers value combos and special deals, which provide a more cost-effective option for customers who want to purchase multiple items. Overall, Krispy Kreme’s menu prices are reasonable and accessible, making it a popular choice for those looking for sweet treats without breaking the bank.
Krispy Kreme Menu

Krispy Kreme Combos

Item Price
Quick Break Combo $3.79
Double Dozen Combo $18.99
Meet & Greet Combo $29.99
Kid’s Combo $3.59
Fritter Combo $3.59
Kooler Combo $4.99

Krispy Kreme Donut Breakfast Sandwich

Item Price
Original Glazed, box, dozen $10.99
Classic Assorted, box, dozen $11.99
Specialty, box, dozen $13.49
Original Glazed, single $1.19
Classic Rings, single $1.39
Classic Filled, single $1.59
Speciality, single $1.79
Apple Fritters, single $1.79
Doughnut Holes, 10 ct $2.99
Doughnut Holes, 24 ct $5.99
Doughnut Holes, with dozen purchase $1.19

Krispy Kreme Minis

Krispy Kreme MENU


Item Price
16 ct Original Glazed $12.99
16 ct Classic Assorted $14.99
2 ct Any Two Minis $2.00

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Varieties

Item Price
Original Glazed $1.49
Glazed Chocolate Iced $1.39
Chocolate Iced $1.39
Strawberry Iced $1.39
Maple Iced $1.39
Sour Cream Cake $1.39
Sugar $1.39
Kreme Filled $1.59
Original Kreme $1.59
Lemon Filled $1.59
Chocolate Kreme $1.59
Raspberry Filled $1.59
Custard Filled $1.59
Apple Fritter $1.79

Krispy Kreme Hot Drinks

Item Price
Freshly Brewed Coffee, small $1.69
Freshly Brewed Coffee, medium $1.99
Freshly Brewed Coffee, Large $2.09
Caramel or Vanilla or Mocha Speciality Latte, small $3.49
Caramel or Vanilla or Mocha Speciality Latte, medium $3.39
Caramel or Vanilla or Mocha Speciality Latte, Large $3.99
Add an extra espresso or flavour shot $0.50
Latte / Cappuccino, small $3.39
Latte / Cappuccino, medium $3.59
Latte / Cappuccino, large $3.79
Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate, Small $1.99
Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate, medium $2.49
Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate, Large $2.99
Brew Box Kit $15.99

Krispy Kreme Over Ice

Item Price
Iced Specialty Latte, small $3.49
Iced Specialty Latte, medium $3.69
Iced Specialty Latte, Large $3.99
Iced Latte, small $3.39
Iced Latte, medium $3.59
Iced Latte, Large $3.79
Iced Coffee, small $2.29
Iced Coffee, medium $2.49
Iced Coffee, Large $2.59
Bottled Drinks $1.99
Iced Tea, small $1.79
Iced Tea, medium $1.99
Iced Tea, Large $2.19
Bottled Milk $1.99
Minute Maid Juice, small $1.29
Minute Maid Juice, Large $1.99
Dasani Water $1.99

Krispy Kreme Menu Calories

Item Calories (Approximate)
Original Glazed 190
Glazed Chocolate Cake 340
Glazed Blueberry Cake 370
Glazed Sour Cream 300
Glazed Cinnamon 260
Glazed Lemon 270
Glazed Raspberry 270
Glazed Strawberry 260
Glazed Kreme Filled 280
Chocolate Iced 240
Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles 270
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled 310
Maple Iced 230
Maple Iced Glazed 220
Powdered Blueberry 240
Powdered Cinnamon 210
Powdered Strawberry 200
Apple Fritter 360
Chocolate Eclair 300
Cinnamon Apple Filled 340
New York Cheesecake 400
Oreo Cookies & Kreme 350
Strawberry Cheesecake 380
Chocolate Iced with Kreme Filling 310
Original Glazed Cake 250

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Krispy Kreme is a beloved chain of doughnut shops that offers a diverse menu of sweet treats, quality coffee, and a fun dining experience. With its affordable prices and wide range of flavours, Krispy Kreme is a popular destination for those with a sweet tooth.


Q: What types of doughnuts are available at Krispy Kreme?

A: Krispy Kreme offers a variety of doughnuts including Original Glazed, Glazed Chocolate Iced, Strawberry Iced, Maple Iced, and many more.

Q: Are there any speciality lattes available at Krispy Kreme?

A: Yes, Krispy Kreme offers Caramel, Vanilla, and Mocha Specialty Lattes in different sizes.

Q: Can I customize my latte with an extra espresso shot or flavour?

A: Absolutely! You can add an extra espresso shot or flavour shot to your latte for an additional charge.

Q: Are there options for iced beverages at Krispy Kreme?

A: Yes, Krispy Kreme offers a variety of iced beverages including Iced Specialty Lattes, Iced Lattes, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, and Bottled Drinks.

Q: Are there any non-coffee beverages available at Krispy Kreme?

A: Yes, Krispy Kreme offers Bottled Milk, Minute Maid Juice in small and large sizes, as well as Dasani Water.

Q: Can I purchase a Brew Box Kit at Krispy Kreme?

A: Yes, Krispy Kreme offers a Brew Box Kit, which includes everything you need to brew your own coffee at home.

Q: Are there any food options other than doughnuts?

A: While doughnuts are the main highlight, Krispy Kreme also offers Apple Fritters and Sour Cream Cake doughnuts as alternatives.

Q: Are there any options for customers with dietary restrictions?

A: Krispy Kreme offers a selection of doughnuts that are labelled as “Sugar” doughnuts, which may be suitable for those with certain dietary restrictions.

Q: Can I order doughnut holes at Krispy Kreme?

A: Yes, Krispy Kreme offers Doughnut Holes in various quantities, including 10-count and 24-count options.

Q: Can I find hot chocolate at Krispy Kreme?

A: Yes, Krispy Kreme serves Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate in small, medium, and large sizes.

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