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A bi-cultural memory

Growing up in Vietnam means growing up in a French and Vietnamese bi-culture of food and languages.

There isn’t a distinct borderline between the two; we breathe, eat and speak bi-culturally. It is not difficult to find French-derived words in our language or French ingredients and cooking techniques in our food. We have witnessed how both cultures have beautifully interwoven in many aspects of life, especially in desserts which, to us, are some of the most interesting “offspring” of this “marriage”. By incorporating local ingredients such as fruits, beans, and herbs into flan and pudding, Vietnamese has reinvented these classic desserts to add a unique and exotic flair.


Born into it, inspired by it

We, a fashion entrepreneur and a food scientist who have been friends since 5th grade, share a dream about sharing this bi-cultural influence on our cuisine and making desserts that anyone from any culture would fall in love with: Desserts that are rooted in cultural beauty, desserts that are not just sugary treats but are driven by fruits and herbs, desserts that are loaded with antioxidants and rich in nutritious tropical ingredients, desserts that we have loved and now want the world to love as well.