our roots

20 years ago there were two 5th-grade kid sitting in the corner of street market in Saigon, Vietnam sharing their favorite street desserts: flans on black coffee with colorful toppings sitting on top of a bowl of shaved ice. I still remember exactly just like yesterday the tropical heat, the hard-to-describe scent of wet markets, the crunchiness of jelly, the silkiness and sweetness of flans blended so well with the darkness of robusta coffee on our tongues.

20 years later, we reunited in New York City. One is now a fashion entrepreneur, the other— a food scientist. We’re both reminiscing the memory so endearingly that it suddenly strikes us how food is meant to be shared, to be social, to create lifetime memories

We dream to create desserts that get people to play, to wow, to speak about it, to share a laugh together.

Desserts, rather than a heavily-sweetened treat, it should be and deserve to be a joy in every senses: look, hold, scent, texture, flavors, interactions

Our childhood memories now has turned into a mission to create joy :-)